BLOODPANIC is a Synthwave and Hip-Hop artist based out of the city of Lyon, France. After living the first half of his life in Paris, France, he relocated to Lyon where his pursuit of music began. He has been making music for about seven years, first becoming inspired after meeting a cousin who is also creating music. Having never been exposed to the world of music before this point, he is entirely self-taught, working on his own to create his own style and perfect his craft. He began his journey in the world of music as a hip-hop artist, eventually making his way into Epic Orchestra before settling into a blend that now makes up his current work.

His current style is a blend of synthwave and hip-hop, and he hopes that through his work he can create a fusion of the two genres that would appeal to audiences on both sides of the spectrum. He draws a lot of his inspiration from the electronic sounds of the 80’s and 90’s, creating an almost nostalgic feeling. With influences as varied as the orchestral and theatrical Hans Zimmer, famous for his work on motion picture soundtracks, to the futuristic and quirky group Daft Punk, and the wild Gesaffelstein, his work becomes a true intermingling of the two, taking on qualities of all of these artists along with Hip-Hop in a more traditional sense to become something entirely new.

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