What is ToneThreads?

ToneThreads is a print-to-order apparel company for musicians, bands, record labels and artists to create and sell merch directly to fans on Bandcamp, Spotify, ToneThreads or their website. We print and ship orders directly to fans. No need for artists to buy merch in bulk or deal with inventory and shipping. ToneThreads is totally hassle-free and totally risk-free.

What's the merch quality like?

We make merch you and your fans will love to wear.

ToneThreads t-shirts are always stylish fit cuts made from soft, high-quality, ring-spun cotton. Hoodies are durable, soft cotton/poly blend pullover hooded sweatshirts with drawstrings and a front pocket.

We use the most cutting-edge printing technology available that can print millions of colors in fantastic detail. From simple one-color logos to full-color photos or complex designs, our prints look amazing.

Our state-of-the-art printers use eco-friendly water-based inks that, with proper care, won't fade in the wash. To care for your apparel, we recommend washing your items inside out in cold water (30C). Hang drying is ideal but tumble dry low if you use a machine..

What is the turnaround time for orders?

Orders typically take 7 days or less from the time an order is received until it ships.

What is your return policy?

We stand by our work and service but occasionally mistakes do happen. We will replace an item if it was not printed correctly or was otherwise damaged upon arrival. If this happens, please email us with a photo and description of the problem. All claims must be submitted no later than 25 days after the delivery date. For packages lost in transit, claims must be submitted no later than 30 days after the shipment date.

How do I use ToneThreads? (Artists)

Our platform is very intuitive. To get started, create a free account and upload your design under "Create New Merch". As you move through the site, relevant options and instructions will be displayed (usually in the footer of any given section.)

How much do artists get paid?

Artists set their own retail prices and anything above the base price and appliacbale fees is their profit. Base prices for t-shirts are between $10 and $13 so fans can be confident in knowing that not only are they getting high-quality merchandise, but they are supporting their favorite artist with their purchase.

Is ToneThreads free to use for artists?

Yes. There are no fees or upfront costs to create and sell your merch on Bandcamp, ToneThreads or your website. When you sell an item, the base price for the merch is paid for from the shoppers' payment.

We do offer a Pro Subscription as well for a monthly or yearly fee that includes numerous benefits and perks. More info

How do I contact you?

Have a question that's not here? Email us at support@tonethreads.com